Jeff has lived through disability and knows the life-changing impact caused by injury. Jeff uses his own background to enhance how he advocates for his clients. Jeff is a husband, father, athlete, and business owner. He was born in Halifax and attended law school in Toronto. Outside of work you can find Jeff with his wife, Laura, trying to keep up with their daughters, Claire and Julie, and dog, Tala.

Jeff Mitchell

Jeff has been helping injured and disabled workers for his entire career. He grew up in a family of medical professionals and knew that he wanted to be in a helping profession.

Jeff built Freedom Disability Lawyers to deploy tried and true practices for disability claims. Jeff truly cares about his client and goes the extra mile at every turn. Expect Jeff to take a detailed approach to your case - from your family background, your career, and the impact of the disabling condition on your life.




As a lawyer, Jeff built one of the fasting growing and well-known personal injury law firms in Atlantic Canada. After managing cases, people, and the growth of dynamic law practice, Jeff wanted to use his knowledge to make another law firm dedicated to doing one type of law really well: disability law. Jeff knows that insurance companies are always finding ways to deny compensation to those who deserve it. believes a good attorney must constantly evolve to stay ahead. To get justice for his clients, Jeff ensures his law firm is a constant work in progress — creating solutions before problems arise all in the name of helping disabled workers get the justice they deserve.

What Clients Said about Jeff

Jeff and his team are very professional. They talk to you like your opinion matters and they understand what you are going through. They are always in communication with you and are there to answer all of your questions. They explain every step of the process and are very real with you. They are outstanding and would definitely recommend to everyone that needs legal help.


Jeff is very knowledgeable and professional and listens to you throughout the process, keeping the clients’ interests a priority. He and his team are very competent and thorough and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.


The team answered all of our questions and keep us well informed of the progression of our claim. We wish we would have had them all along instead of going it on our own for awhile. They have a great understanding of our claim and situation and are working hard for us to come to a successful conclusion


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