Long Term Disability Benefits

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Top-Rated Disability Benefits Lawyer

If an insurance company rejects, cuts off, or is "currently investigating" your long term disability claim, reach out to us for a free and result driven consultation. 

Insurance companies can use tricky tactics to reject your disability claims and force you to leave money that you're entitled to.
They'll make you powerless without considering your enforceable rights.

You don't have to accept their decision. Contact our team at freedom disabilities to discover what options you have under the law.
Freedom Disability Lawyers can help you apply for benefits or adjust your rejected claims to meet the requirements for acceptance. 

Was your long term disability claim denied, or do you want to apply for benefits? We can help.

Our reliable track record says it all—the likelihood that your disability benefits claim will settle or result in reinstatement is much higher when our experienced disability lawyers are on the case.

Even if you get denied in the future, we’ll look into the possible reasons for rejection and file an appeal. For us, this is a fight to win back your freedom. We’re in it for as long as it takes.

Table of contents

  • Why Choose Freedom Disability Lawyers

  • Why Choose Freedom Disability Lawyers

  • Why Choose Freedom Disability Lawyers

  • Why Choose Freedom Disability Lawyers

  • Why Choose Freedom Disability Lawyers

  • Why Choose Freedom Disability Lawyers

  • Why Choose Freedom Disability Lawyers

  • Why Choose Freedom Disability Lawyers

  • Why Choose Freedom Disability Lawyers

  • Why Choose Freedom Disability Lawyers

Why Choose A Disability Lawyer?

Here's the thing: Getting a  disability benefit is a complex process - from understanding legal jargon and medical terms to following stringent rules set by insurance companies. The entire process intimidates and causes a lot of people to give up. For instance, people give up after checking the claim form. Others who decided to do it alone ended up with a claim denial letter.A reliable disability benefits lawyer can take the stress off you and increase your chance of success.

Freedom From The Hassles Of A Delayed Disability Claim

Hiring a disability lawyer takes away the stress of waiting for an answer from your case manager, only to eventually get a confusing response that doesn’t explain fully why they reached the decision to deny your claim.When you hire a disability benefits lawyer, you know you will have a dedicated team working to win your disability claim as quickly as possible. 

Freedom From The Paperwork Stress

Applying for LTDs requires that you fill out extensive paperwork asking for information about your education, work history, medical condition, ability, limitations, etc. Filling out and assembling this information can be draining and daunting - especially with your current condition. Worse, if you paint an incomplete or inaccurate picture of your injuries you will only have trouble later during the claim process.A disability lawyer can handle these processes meticulously and increase your chances of approval.

You Have Limited Knowledge Of How Disability Benefits work

LTD claim processes are full of complex terms, qualifications, and rules. The entire process can be confusing. Learning about the disability benefits system is like trying to decode a secret code. You should seek professional help to avoid making critical mistakes that could get your claim denied.

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Fast Acceptance

An experienced disability lawyer understands the nitty-gritty of the claim process. Our team can spot and correct the errors in your claim process in order to meet the requirements of the disability insurance company.Our disability lawyers know the right medical proof to present and support your claims. If your claim is rejected, we’ll investigate the real reasons behind the rejection, work to correct the issues, and file an appeal or legal claim. At Freedom Disability Lawyers, each client will benefit from a specific legal strategy matching the facts of their case. Everything we do is designed to make the disability claim process faster and more successful so you can claim your benefits. 

We Don’t Miss A Deadline Or An Appointment

Disability insurance companies are not forgiving for missing a deadline or an appointment. For instance, if you fail to submit medical information at the required times your claim may be assessed on incomplete information, which could result in a wrongful denial. With a disability lawyer, you don't have to worry about missing deadlines. We'll handle everything that comes down the pike and update you regularly. 

We Handle The Legal Wrangling

When your disability application is rejected, the best strategy will be to appeal or file your matter with the court. Our experienced lawyers know that there are many considerations at play when choosing whether to invest the time in the appeal process or to apply pressure through legal action. Our clients deserve financial freedom as soon as possible, which means we help your denied claim onto the best route that will lead to a positive result in the least amount of time. While a disability hearing can be an overwhelming experience to an average claimant,  it's our opportunity to shine. Our experienced team will prepare you for the process and present a medical and legal argument on your behalf. Hiring a disability lawyer can make a huge difference in your claim approval. 

We have Reputation

Disability Lawyers who deal with disability insurance companies need to know the strategies they use to deny benefits to legitimately disabled workers. Our team is ready to proactively protect our clients against delay tactics. Jeff Mitchell has represented clients against insurance companies across Canada. Jeff knows how to win.  

No Upfront Fees

We work based on a contingency fee agreement, meaning we only get paid when we help you win benefits. Your claim benefits are very high compared to what you’ll pay. You can hire a disability lawyer at Freedom Disability Lawyers without paying any money upfront. You will have a top-notch team working for you until your disability claim is resolved. 

Whether you're working through your application or you just found out your claim was denied, we're happy to help. Our priority is to help you get your finances, recovery, and life back on track as soon as possible.

What To Expect From A Free Case Review

During our Free Case Review, we’ll ask you multiple questions related to your work history, job duties, and disabling conditions. Here are a few questions we may ask during our case review:

  • What types of work did you do over the last 10 years?
  • What job duties did you do on a daily basis?
  • What is your educational background?
  • What job-specific training do you have?
  • What is the hardest part of your job?
  • When did you first start experiencing pain?
  • When did the job become too much to handle?
  • When did you first see your doctor about your disability?
  • What treatment are you doing now?

Our experienced team will provide insights to strengthen your potential disability claim and discuss strategies we can use to fight your claim.

How Much Is My Disability Claim Worth?

When we represent people who need disability benefits, the common question we get asked is, “how much is my disability claim worth?”.Your disability claim is worth the amount of the monthly amount payable under the plan or policy each month, and it will run as long as you are disabled or until the end date set in your text of the plan or policy. In addition, you have a claim for interest on the money that should have been paid along with a potential claim for bad faith damages, depending on the conduct of the insurance company when handling your claim.What can the Insurance Company Deduct From My Claim?Most disability policies and plans allow the insurance company to deduct, or offset, earnings you have while off work, including Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits. Many disability insurance companies will require you to apply for Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits because it reduces the amount the insurance company needs to pay each month.Many of our clients experience considerable stress around the topic of applying for Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits. At Freedom Disability Lawyers, we will complete the application for our client if it is strategically wise to do so or if requested by the insurance company.

What Happens After You Get Your Claim Approved?

When your claim is approved, you will receive a call from the agency. Next, you'll receive a letter of approval with the amount of your monthly benefits and the date it takes effect. What You Should Know After Receiving long term disability benefits When you get approved for disability benefits, it means that you may also qualify for other benefits. Your disability benefits approval may qualify your children for the Canada pension plan children’s benefit. Your medical condition will be reviewed every three years to track improvement. If the situation improves, you can resume work. You can start working and still collect benefits for a certain period of time. Check the agency brochure for more information.

We'll Fight For You, At No Cost To You

At freedom disability, we understand that you need the disability benefit to survive the hard times. We strive to help our clients get the maximum benefits they deserve and do it on time .Contact us today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with us, and let's see how we can help claim your full disability benefit as soon as we can.

Free Books and Resources

Learn about your disability benefits claim and rights by exploring our helpful resources. You can download books that relate to your long term disability claim, learn about how your occupation will be defined under a disability policy, how much your disability clam is worth, and helpful information about how to appeal a wrongful denial.